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Community Patrol Project

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The Project was established in February 2019 to tackle youth on youth crime in Enfield Town, particularly as a response to the wave of muggings and robberies on local secondary school children.

The issues were raised by the Head of Enfield Boys Grammar School in Enfield Town, Mr Christopher Lamb who communicated openly and honestly with parents regarding the issues his boys were facing, and from a safeguarding point of view brought parents and the community together to look at how to tackle the issue.

Love Your Doorstep was invited in to work with the school to set up a "Community Patrol Scheme". We are a national award winning community scheme who have been working across Enfield for 8 years, and we had the set up and skills to make the patrol project happen.

The Community Patrol, consists of local volunteers who patrol the streets, lunchtime and afternoon, and is based around keeping our kids safe. We are here to be "eyes and ears" for the Police and we have found that the Patrol acts as a deterrent, and people who are up to no good move on quickly due to the high-vis jackets and also the friendly faces. The patrol volunteers are encouraged to say ‘Good morning’ and ‘Good afternoon’to people, remind the children to pop their mobile phones away, to be vigilant, to be respectful to others, and to do all that they can to remain safe.

On occasion, volunteers have also been asked to assist the elderly with bags and mobility. The scheme has been a huge success receiving national press coverage, including BBC London News. Currently, 100 volunteers are registered. They are aged 30-70 years. Some are parents of pupils, some are grandparents, and others are concerned for community cohesion. They come from diverse ethnic backgrounds, reflecting the demographics of our community. All volunteers must be 18+ years of age.

Love Your Doorstep manages the Patrol Group.

For Press Enquires please contact Emma Rigby: [email protected]

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