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Love Your Doorstep Community Patrol

Love Your Doorstep Community Patrol

The Love Your Doorstep Community Patrol is a community-led initiative based on street patrols. It is carried out by members of the public with no police powers. This is a positive initiative to help keep our children safe after school.

The Love Your Doorstep Community Patrol began in 2019 following a spate of attacks on schoolchildren in Enfield town centre.

A local school reached out to Love Your Doorstep’s Founder and CEO, Emma Rigby, who quickly brought together a group of influential people and organisations to find solutions to the growing problem of attacks on young people. Love Your Doorstep set about recruiting volunteers through its Social Media platform and via schools and the first Community Patrol set out in Enfield Town in March 2019 with the support of the Metropolitan Police.

The project has become a recognisable presence in the local community which sees its volunteers in high-vis jackets out after school 5 days a week during term time. Their presence has seen results by helping to lower antisocial behaviour and youth crime by a massive 48% in the town centre.Our patrol groups are managed by a Love Your Doorstep Community CIC coordinator who keeps a volunteer list and provides advice, guidance and support in consultation with the local police and other services.

Volunteers patrol in pairs and register each patrol on a google form. We do not patrol alone – we work as part of a team to provide a high visibility patrol capacity, maintaining public confidence and assurance through resource presence, reducing the fear of crime for the children and community, assisting in the prevention and reduction of incidents of crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour whilst promoting community safety for children after school.

If volunteers spot suspicious activity they report it to the police. Without putting ourself in danger, we retain as much information as we can as this is valuable to the police; such things as height, clothes, age etc – where an incident has happened. We are supportive to victims of crime, maybe contacting a family member or waiting with them until the police arrive.

We actively seek community information and intelligence to build a picture of local activity, making accurate and timely submissions of actionable intelligence on criminal activity, anti-social behaviour and vulnerability – information can be collated and given to the police.

To be a part of the Community Patrol please sign up here

We will get you registered to the database and arrange to add you into the WhatsApp group.

The patrol will be expanding to other areas of the borough. If you live in Edmonton or Southgate please also register your interest.

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