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Love Your Doorstep supports over 700 local businesses, charities and community organisations across Enfield & surrounding areas.

We provide local businesses with a unique opportunity to expand their reach within their own community. By becoming a member, businesses have a dedicated page on our directory of goods & services, ensuring visibility to potential customers right on their doorstep. Members also have access to our thriving local community of 32,000 where they can share updates and promotions.

We offer training to help businesses kickstart their journey, alongside ongoing guidance and advice from our experienced team.

More than just boosting profits, Love Your Doorstep encourages businesses to forge meaningful connections with the local community. We believe in fostering personal and professional relationships, empowering our members to become integral parts of the community fabric.

Through regular networking events, we facilitate connections between members, allowing them to share insights, collaborate, and grow together. Our philosophy is simple: by nurturing these relationships, we enable business and trade to flourish organically.

Curious about how your business can become part of this vibrant community? Reach out to us at [email protected] to learn more.



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